Balcrank Waste Fluid Tank Packages

Balcrank Piston Pump Lightweight Double Wall Waste Fluid Tank Packages

Balcrank’s lightweight double wall used oil and antifreeze evacuation packages come completely assembled and ready for use. Connect the pump air supply hose and you are ready for use. These packages also include a high level pump shut off that disables the pump should the tank become full and also a sight gauge for visual reading of the tank level. A y-strainer isincluded to protect the pump from debris commonly found in used fluid applications. The used oil packages come with a 1” cam lock connector and the used anti-freeze packages come with a ¾” cam lock to prevent accidental contamination of fluids.

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*Note: As with all tanks, be sure to follow local and state guidelines for tank placement and installation. Some cities and counties have not approved the UL 2258 certification, as it is different than the familiar UL142 that pertains to steel tanks, so be sure to check with your local Fire Marshal and/or city and county regulations before ordering.

  • UL 2258 certified double wall tank
  • High efficiency CF-30 pump
  • High level pump shut off
  • Y-strainer for pump protection
  • 4 x 2” bung openings
  • shut off valves on evacuation hoses to prevent leaking

Model Description
4140-065 CF30, 400 gal, EVAC for oil
4140-066 CF30, 275 gal, EVAC for oil
4140-068 CF30, 400 gal, EVAC for A/F
4140-069 CF30, 275 gal, EVAC for A/F

All Packages Include:
  • Double wall tank - choice of 275 gal (L 43” x W 28” x H 61”) , or 400 gal (L 64” x W 30” x H 68”)
  • CF-30 aluminum AODD pump rated at 30 GPM
  • Pump bracket
  • F/R auto drain 1/4” NPT(F)
  • 1” evacuation hose with 1” cam lock connector (¾” for antifreeze)
  • High level pump shutoff
  • Tank sight gauge
  • Vented 2” evac cap/port
  • Air supply hose with quick coupler
  • Vented fill cap.
  • Pump & reel bracket.