Classic Hose Reels

Classic Hose Reels | Low Pressure (DEF)

The Classic Hose Reel has been the standard of dependability for over a decade. This solid, all steel hose reel is chosen for general duty, automotive dealerships, and service garages. All Classic series hose reels includes hose, hose stop and a 2.5’ connecting hose. The Balcrank Classic Low Pressure DEF Hose Reel is ideal for delivery of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The Classic Hose Reel combines design, performance and reliability with the right features and benefits for your low pressure DEF hose reel needs. The Classic Low Pressure DEF Hose Reel comes painted Blue.

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Available Colors:
DEF reels are available in powder coat blue only.

Low pressure for delivery of DEF
Model Ft ID PSI Replacement Hose
2400-006 Bare reel - up to 30' Hose - - -
2400-007 16' 3/4" ID hose 150 (10 bar) 8569-016
2400-008 20' 3/4" ID hose 150 (10 bar) 8569-020
2400-009 30' 3/4" ID hose 150 (10 bar) 8569-030

Fluid inlet port 3/4" BSPP(F) swivel
Fluid outlet port 3/4" BSPP(M) swivel
Hose outlet thread 3/4" BSPP(M) for 3/4" ID Hoses
Wetted materials Stainless steel & Viton®

  • Proven & compact design
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Wide rectangular hose guide outlet with rollers
  • Multi-positioning outlet arm
  • Eight-position latching mechanism
  • Fluid compatibility for multiple applications
  • LED ready light port
  • Easy on-site tension adjustment
  • Easy installation mounting and accessories
  • 2.5’ inlet connecting hose included

Dimensions for Classic Hose Reels
16" 11" 9-1/2" 4" 16" 20" 5" 6"-8"