Enclosed Hose Reels

Balcrank Enclosed Hose Reels | High Pressure (GREASE)

The Balcrank Enclosed High Pressure Hose Reel is perfect for delivery of grease. All metal enclosed cabinet Balcrank hose reels are designed to enhance the appearance of your shop. The Balcrank Enclosed hose reel standard color is black and is offered in six special colors to match workbenches, and automotive lifts. The Enclosed hose reel combines design, performance and reliability with the right features and benefits for your high pressure hose reel needs.

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High pressure for delivery of grease
Model Ft ID PSI
2253-314 30' 1/4" ID hose 4,000 (276 bar)
2253-538 50' 1/4" ID hose 4,000 (276 bar)

Choose your side enclosure:
Order 1 side enclosure kit per reel
Side enclosure kits include: 2 side panels, 1 roller outlet assembly, 1 quick mounting channel, and hardware.
Enclosure Kit
 Models Available    Color    Kit Description 
 2250-011    Blk    side enclosure black semi-gloss 
 2250-012    Wt    side enclosure white  
 2250-013    Gr    side enclosure green  
 2250-014    Bl    side enclosure blue  
 2250-015    Rd    side enclosure red  
 2250-016   Slv   side enclosure silver  
 2250-017    Yl    side enclosure yellow  

Choose your end panel kit:
Order 1 end panel kit per reel bank
End panel kits include: 2 end panels, 2 poly end panel inserts, 1 end bar support, and hardware.

Note: End Panel insert standard color is black. To order a white insert add a “W” to the model number, listed below. example - 2250-003W = kit, end panels green with white end panel insert.
End Panel Kit
 Models Available    Color    Kit Description 
 2250-001    Blk    end panels black semi-gloss  
 2250-002    Wt    end panels white  
 2250-003    Gr    end panels green  
 2250-004    Bl    end panels blue  
 2250-005    Rd    end panels red  
 2250-006   Slv   end panels silver  
 2250-007    Yl    end panels yellow  

Channel Options:
Channels are designed to build a bank of reels.
  • When mounting directly to an I-Beam, use Mounting Channel I-Beam Bracket Kit #2230-002 to mount channel to a structural I-beam.
 2230-003   Mounting Channel - 1 Reel 
 2230-004   Mounting Channel - 2 Reel 
 2230-005   Mounting Channel - 3 Reel 
 2230-007   Mounting Channel - 5 Reel 
 2230-002   Mounting Channel I-Beam Bracket Kit. 
 Use two bracket kits for 2 or 3 reels. 
 Use 3 brackets for 5 or 6 reels. 

  • All steel cabinets have high quality, powder coated finish providing corrosion resistance
  • Cabinet design provides smooth and easy operation: prevents hose pinch and reduces wear when pulling from any angle
  • Simple installation and serviceability
  • Cabinet design ties all reels in the bank together to form one complete rigid structure
  • Aluminum end panels with removable poly inserts provides fast and easy serviceability

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