Balcrank CF Diaphragm Drum Package
Balcrank CF Diaphragm Drum Package 2

Balcrank Closed System CF Diaphragm Drum Packages

Balcrank's Closed System CF Diaphragm Drum Packages features a heavy-duty cart that easily holds and rolls up to a 55 gallon drum. Other Features include, a compact design mounting bracket, and your choice of either a 120 V AC Electric diaphragm pump(1200-020) or a 12 V DC Electric diaphragm pump(1200-021). Additionally, packages include a large non-marking rear caster, built inbreak for safe and secure dispensing.

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1210-054P - CF15 Non-metered, Manual Nozzle
1210-055P - CF15 Metered, Manual Nozzle
1210-056P - CF15 Non-metered, Auto Nozzle
1210-057P - CF15 Metered, Auto Nozzle
  • 1120-025A, CF15 AODD Pump for DEF.
  • 8570-006, 6' x 3/4" suction hose.
  • 8561-012, 12' x 3/4" discharge hose
  • 4530-054, Drip tray.
  • 4320-007, Drum cart 55 Gal for DEF.
  • 4530-065, Side mount bracket.
  • 3260-060, Filter Reg 1/4" auto drain, mini.
  • 3120-116, Meter DR style for DEF.
  • 3340-012, Auto nozzle, stainless steel.

Technical Data
Air inlet 3/8" NPSM(F)
Fluid inlet port 1/2" BSPP(F) DEF
Fluid outlet port 1/2" BSPP(F) DEF
Max. Free Flow 14 gal/min (50 l/min)
Air pressure range 45-100 psi (3-7 bar)
Solids in suspension 1/8" (3 mm)
Wetted Materials PTFE (Teflon®) , Viton®, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Hytrel®
Recommended fluids Diesel exhaust fluid

CLOSED system containers have a valve coupling system that seals the container opening on drums and totes (IBC) to prevent dirt, debris, bugs, etc., from entering the container and contaminating the diesel exhaust fluid. Liquid in container system is sealed and secure, throughout container life cycle.

For closed systems, use Reusable Poly Valve (RPV) or Reusable Stainless Valve (RSV) systems accessories. RSV and RPV components are interchangeable.

NOTE: DEF Packages do not included coupler systems. Order Seperately. You Must choose a coupler kit to create a complete system for your distribution needs.
Closed System Coupler Components