Balcrank Non-Metered Control Handles

Balcrank Non-Metered Control Handles

The Balcrank Non-Metered Control Handles are ideal for delivery of Synthetic and mineral based lubricants, Gear Oil, Hydraulic oil and fluids, ATF, Anti-freeze (glycol) and Anti-freeze water solution for non-metered applications. Balcranks Non-Metered Control Handles are the perfect choice for car and truck dealers, fast lube and maintenance shops, fleets, mining and construction, lube trucks, railroad and mass transit.

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Model Extension Type & Nozzle Extension Code
Verify ID of ATF fill port for compatibility
3320-026 Flex Auto 3332-095
3320-022 Rigid 1/4 turn - OIL 3332-091
3320-023 Flex 90 1/4 turn - OIL 3332-092
3320-024 Flex Memory 1/4 turn - OIL 3332-093
3320-032 Flex Memory 1/4 turn - ATF 3332-104
3320-056 Bare -

Flow Rate 0.26-10.5 gal/min (1-40 l/min)
Maximum pressure 1,450 psi (100 bar)
Swivel Inlet 1/2" NPT(F) Swivel
Dispense Nozzle OD Auto = 0.605"
Manual 1/4 turn for OIL = 0.705"
Manual 1/4 turn for ATF= 0.315"
Verify ID of ATF fill port for compatibility
Operating Temperature 14 ºF to 140 ºF (-10 ºC to 60 ºC)
Weight 3.30 lb (1.5 kg)
Compatible Fluids Oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze solutions, and synthetic and mineral based lubricants
Wetted Materials Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, Buna-N™, zinc plated steel and brass

Available color coded fluid type indicator shrouds:
color coded fluid type indicators
 833398 Multi Colored set; red, yellow, green, blue (4 pcs) 
 833398RD Red - 1 each 
 833398YL Yellow - 1 each 
 833398BL Blue - 1 each 
 833398GR Green - 1 each 
 833398BK Black - 1 each 

  • Fully ported, ball bearing, inlet swivel included
  • Easy access fluid inlet screen included at swivel
  • Included swivel hose-end cover, protects vehicle or machine surfaces from scratches
  • Easy access for service of the rotary piston mechanism
  • Trigger lock button prevents accidental control valve opening and allows the control
  • valve to be locked in open position for large volumes dispense
  • Cam & piston valve design optimized for superb control and minimal flow resistance
  • Ergonomically designed grip handle for optimum comfort

Dimensions Non-Metered Control Handles