Balcrank Lynx 55:1

Balcrank Lynx 55:1

The Lynx 55:1 is designed for 25-35, 120 and 400 lb. drums, portable use, and single point dispense. Ideal for the low volume user for grease fittings on smaller vehicles. LYNX grease pumps are double acting positive displacement capable of delivering up to 1.2 lbs. per minute.

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1150-022 - 55:1 Lynx Grease 25-35 lbs
1150-023 - 55:1 Lynx Grease 120 lbs
1150-024 - 55:1 Lynx Grease 400 lbs
Fluid Types:
  • Grease up to NLGI-2

Pump ratio 55:1
Operating air pressure 20 - 140 psi (1.5 - 10 bar)
Cycles per lb at 100 psi (7 bar) free flow 318 cyc/lbs
Max. Free Flow 1.2 lb/min (0.5 kg/min)
Air inlet 1/4" NPT(F)
Fluid outlet 1/4" NPT(F)
Wetted materials Steel, Zinc, aluminum, Buna-N™, and PTFE(Teflon)

  • Design provides even distribution on each stroke allowing for long seal life.
  • Double acting pump design pumps product on both the up and down stroke, providing smooth and reliable flow and pressure.
  • Positive pump priming with hardened foot valve minimizes pump damage due to contaminates. Corrosion proof air motor design tolerates moisture in compressed air.
  • On-demand operation adjusts speed to match system flow and pressure requirements. When the dispense valve is closed the pump stops.
  • One toggle driven air valve mechanism for fast and accurate reversing action.
  • Precision machined and hardened upper ball check to tolerate small impurities in the grease.
  • Internal filter mesh for reliable pump operation.

NOTE: Thermal expansion of the fluid in a distribution system can cause an increase in system pressure that can damage fluid distribution system components. Pressure relief valve, 3120-086 is recommended (included). Ensure that all hose fittings and piping are rated for fluid outlet pressures. Balcrank recommends a minimum of 3x safety factor

NOTE: Warning! Do not use any Lynx series products with flammable fluids.