Balcrank Lion 450 70:1

Balcrank Lion 450 70:1

Lion™ 450 70:1 was designed for very cold environments and or applications where only medium pressure air is available to power the pump which could limit the performance and application of greasing. This pump can be used with a follower plate system, combined with a gravity inductor system, or a double post RAM for simultaneous dispense or higher flow applications.

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1450-006 - Lion 450 70:1 grease 120 lb drum pump
1450-005 - Lion 450 70:1 grease 400 lb drum pump
1450-007 - Lion 450 70:1 grease bulk tote pump
Fluid Types:
  • Grease up to NLGI-2

Pump ratio 70:1
Operating air pressure *30 - 100 psi (1.38 - 14 bar)
Cycles per lb 17 cyc/lbs
Max. Free Flow 16 lb/min (7.25 kg/min)
Air inlet 1/2" NPT(F)
Fluid outlet 1/2" NPT(F)
Wetted materials Cast Iron, Steel, Hard chromed steel, UHMWPE, Buna-N and PTFE

* Pump air limited to 100 psi (7 bar) due to connecting hose pressure limits.

NOTE: Air consumption at 5 bar air pressure, NLGI-0 grease at 20º C and 80 cpm. Noise level measured at 1 m from the pump, 7 bar air pressure and free delivery.

NOTE: Warning! Do not use any Lion 450/600 series products with flammable fluids.