Balcrank Conventional  2-inch Aluminum

Balcrank Conventional 2-inch Aluminum

These conventional pumps may be used as stand-alone pumps for transfer applications or as system pumps that include hose reels. Model 1120-015S is UL79 listed for pumping: Diesel Fuel, No. 4 Fuel Oils (or lighter), Motor Oil, Kerosene, and Water.

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1120-030S - 2" Aluminum AODD Pump
Fluid Types:
  • Light viscosity fluids
  • Synthetic and mineral oils
  • Used Oil
  • Diesel Fuel

Operating air pressure 125 psi (8.5 bar)
Max. Free Flow 150 gal/min (586 l/min)
Air inlet 3/4" NPT(F)
Fluid inlet 2" NPT(F)
Fluid outlet 2" NPT(F)
Wetted materials Nitrile, PTFE (Teflon), Aluminum, Acetal, and Buna-N™

  • Stall resistant design.
  • Modular air motor/fluid sections.
  • Pressure differential in the air chambers to alternately create suction.
  • Positive fluid pressure in fluid chambers.
  • Ball checks insure a positive flow of fluid.
  • Externally serviceable after pump is installed.
  • Patented cross-drilled pressure ports.
  • Lube and ice-free.

NOTE: Balcrank does not recommend pumping windshield wash or any other fluid below 100° flash point.