Balcrank CenterFlo CF15
1120-023A & 1120-025A
Balcrank CenterFlo CF15 Aluminum

Balcrank CenterFlo CF15

CenterFlo CF15 pumps can handle a wide range of fluids used for vehicle service. Typical applications are transferring, dispensing, and evacuation up to 15 gal/min. They can be used as stand-alone pumps for transfer applications or as systems pumps in distribution systems that include hose reels.

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1120-023A - CF15 Polypropylene
1120-025A - CF15 Polypropylene / DEF
1120-027 - CF15 Aluminum
Fluid Types:
  • Anti-freeze (Glycol)
  • Light viscosity fluids
  • Windshield wash solution
  • Synthetic and Mineral Oils
  • DEF
  • Used oil & anti-freeze

* Check specifications chart for compatibility.

Operating air pressure 22 - 102 psi (1.5 - 7 bar)
Max. Free Flow 15 gal/min (50 l/min)
Air inlet 3/8" NPSM(F)
Fluid inlet (1120-023A & 1120-027) 1/2" NPT(F)
Fluid inlet (DEF 1120-025A) 1/2" BSPP(F)
Fluid outlet (1120-023A & 1120-027) 1/2" NPT(F)
Fluid outlet (DEF 1120-025A) 1/2" BSPP(F)
Wetted materials (1120-023A & 1120-025A) PTFE(Telflon), Viton, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, and Hytrel
Wetted materials (1120-027) Aluminum, PTFE, Viton, Polypropylene, Buna-N, and Stainless Steel
Recommended Fluids For 1120-023A* Anti-freeze (Glycol) and windshield wash solution
Recommended Fluids For 1120-025A* Diesel exhaust fluid
Recommended Fluids For 1120-027* Light viscosity fluids, synthetic, mineral oils, anti-freeze, and used oil

  • Superior performance against back pressure, nominal loss of flow and pressure capacity, under real application conditions is minimized.
  • Significant dry suction lift, eliminate self-priming issues when pumping from drums or tall tanks.
  • Dependable lube-free directional pivot air valve: starts-up every time.
  • Tolerant of oil, moisture and dirt, non-icing, no air leaks when pump is stalled against head pressure of the system.
  • Reduced air consumption per gallon pumped, saves energy, and avoids the need to use a larger compressor.
  • Reduced pulsation gives greater measurement accuracy and less splashing during dispense.
  • In-line servicing of air valve, diaphragms, and ball valves, without disconnecting from the fluid distribution line.
  • Compact design allows this pump to fit in small spaces.

NOTE: Balcrank does not recommend pumping windshield wash or any other fluid below 100° flash point.

NOTE: Balcrank recommends Pressure relief valve kit 3120-201 for this pump, not included.